Munai Miracle Fruit Melting Tablets

Natural Flavor Enhancer Makes Food Taste Good Again!

  • Specially-designed to enhance wellness and quality of life for your journey back to health
  • No more pills: convenient “melts” taste great and dissolve in your mouth easily for maximum, fast-acting results
  • Boosts saliva production and activates a protein that enhances the flavor of food so it tastes good again
  • Natural, non-GMO formula instantly turns sour or metallic tastes to sweet and flavorful for up to one hour
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Wake up your taste buds

Don't let treatments, health issues, or medications get in the way of proper nutrition. You need fuel for your wellness journey.

Munai Miracle Fruit tablets contain a natural, special compound that can bring back the taste of many foods. Also boosts saliva production for easier swallowing.

Taste food again

Taste food again

Miracle Fruit helps bring back the taste of your favorite foods
No more metal mouth

No more metal mouth

Get back on your nutritional feet and on the road to recovery

Great taste

Natural fruit flavor give tablets a great taste

Non-GMO formula

We use specially-sourced, natural ingredients

Easy to take

Fast-melting tablets dissolve in just seconds, so you can enjoy eating right away
Team at Munai

Why Choose Us?

Munai Miracle Fruit Natural Flavor Enhancer gives you a convenient, fast-acting way to enjoy the taste of food. Whether you're experiencing "metal mouth" or dry mouth due to chemotherapy, radiation, certain health conditions or medication use...or you find your taste buds aren't as active as they used to can now eat with gusto, and reap the nutritious, energy-boosting and health-restoring benefits of good food.

Research shows Munai Miracle Fruit contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin. Munai's fast-melting technology allows the miraculin you get in its Miracle Fruit tablets to bind to the taste receptors on your tongue almost instantly. In just seconds, you can eat or drink while Munai Miracle Fruit enhances the sweetness and flavor of food, masks unpleasant flavors, and boosts saliva production naturally.

This breakthrough solution is made from specially-grown Miracle Fruit farmed in sunny South Florida. It's 100% sourced and made in the USA. Each tablet tastes great and is individually packaged to maintain peak potency and freshness while providing maximum convenience. Take a pack with you wherever you go!

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Which Foods Work Best with Munai Miracle Fruit?

Munai Miracle Fruit's fast-acting, flavor-enhancing and saliva-boosting effects are best experienced with foods and drinks at a low pH. For example, Munai Miracle Fruit complements most fruits, vinegar-based dressings, tomatoes and tomato sauces and sharp cheeses. Its effects are less noticeable with bland or flavorless foods like milk, bananas or water.

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Munai Miracle Fruit Melting Tablets