Munai Miracle Fruit's fast-acting, flavor-enhancing and saliva-boosting effects are best experienced with foods and drinks at a low pH. For example, Munai Miracle Fruit compliments most fruits, vinegar-based dressings, tomatoes and tomato sauces and sharp cheeses. Its effects are less noticeable with bland or flavorless foods like milk, bananas or water.

Most people report that the flavor-enhancing effects last 30-60 minutes. This can vary depending on certain factors such as (1) what foods you eat afterwards (2) how much liquid you drink (and what type of liquid) (3) individual differences such as how much saliva you produce and how responsive your taste buds are to Miracle Fruit

The tablets have little flavor themselves, more of a mild sweetness. However, sour foods (like lemons or limes) will taste surprisingly sweet after consuming.

Our tablets are packaged in a high-integrity blister packs (5 packs total, each with 6 tablets). This unique packaging keeps the tablets fresh to maintain the potency of Miracle Fruit's flavor-enhancing effects. Each blister is sized to fit snugly in your pocket, purse, or small carrying bag - perfect for taking to the office or heading out to dinner.

Miracle Fruit contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin. When combined with our fast-melting technology, the miraculin can bind to taste receptors on your tongue almost instantly. This glycoprotein helps enhance the sweetness and flavor of food, masks unpleasant flavors, and boosts saliva production naturally.

Munai (or munay) means "love and will" in the ancient Peruvian language of Quechua. It represents the hope and determination that many of our customers rely on to get through challenging times in their lives. Our products were designed to help you get back on your nutritional feet quickly so you can get back to enjoying life like you were meant to.